Our History

Wellsford, gateway to the North and the centre of a large farming area in lower Northland, is about 77km from Auckland. Situated on the main Auckland-Whangarei highway just south of the town, the course lies in picturesque rural surroundings and is very popular with the many golfers from near and far who frequent it.

A Brief History

The club came into existence as the Fairview Golf Club in 1930, the first site being on the “Fairview” property opposite the present course. Subscriptions were ten shillings and six pence for ladies and one guinea for men.

A year later the club affiliated with NZGU, formed a match and handicap committee, and moved onto Levet Bros farm at Hoteo North.

In 1932 the club became known as the Albertland Golf Club – the Albertlanders was the name given to early settlers in the area. However due to overweight cows plodding over the greens and the sight of irritable bulls the members searched for a more pleasant environment.

Albertland Golf Club became Wellsford Golf Club in 1935. The present site was purchased and the club boasted a 9 hole golf course (later increased to 12 holes and finally 18)

Mr Orrin Grant carried out the preparation of the fairways free of charge using horses, a plough and scoop. Over the years Mr Roy Grant continued with the work and gave his invaluable advice. With the exception of the war years the club existed only because maintenance work was done voluntarily by the members, both ladies and men.

In 1952 the practice putting green formed and in 1961 the clubhouse was altered and enlarged to an area of about 280sq m.

The clubhouse burnt down in 1969 and a new clubhouse was built in 1971 incorporating the squash club.